New top of the line “Gourmet meals to go !!!!”

Come and enjoy our  new line called “L’auberge de France Chez-vous , “At your table” freshly prepared meals to take home to enjoy with your family/friends.

This is a new line of cooking straight  from France using french technique  called “Cooking Sous-vide” as known as the perfect slowly cooking temperature, keeping all meals very moist, juicy and tender.

Currently we are offering fresh salmon Steak cooked in lemon and olive oil and fresh herbs, Duck leg Confit, Chicken Breast stuffed with Goat Cheese

Already cooked just heat and serve! impress your friends wit our meal, fill you are cooking like a French Chef !!!!

Priced individually please come and try it out…..

New at L’auberge de France Thursday o Saturday, (Coming first week of September…)

Pick up your fresh meals to go for your family or your weekend party with friends available Thursday to Saturday,

Coming soon and try, our daily fresh  Homemade Pasta Lasagne with Meat Sauce or our Vegetarian Option Lasagna, (family size) for example..

Stay in tune….

For the creative “chef at home”, L’Auberge stocks many gourmet products

We feature a number of artisan breads and pastries created by Chef Jean-Marc. (For more detail, see the headings Artisan Bread, L’Auberge Pastries).

The Gourmet Shop includes a Frozen Food Section for take-home French favourites like organic beef, chicken and fish pot pies, tourtiere, Coq au Vin, Bourguinon, classic French onion soup and the Bistro’s unique seasonal soups.


Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese from Woodstock, was recently awarded the prize for best firm cheese in Canada.

Crossroads Farms Sheep Gouda

Glenngarry Goat Gouda and Fleur-en-Lait from Lancaster

We’re also proud to stock Lankaaster Farms, Bushgarden, and Mountainoak Cheeses. Our selection is always expanding so check back often

L’Auberge also takes pride in our selection of charcuterie and cheese showcasing both local and provincial artisan products.